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Asian Paints Unveils ‘Beautiful Homes Studio’ In Guwahati

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Asian Paints has launched Beautiful Homes Studio in Guwahati, marking a new chapter in luxury décor for the dynamic city. Renowned for its hallmark innovation and ability to transform spaces into inviting sanctuaries, Asian Paints has long been at the forefront of enhancing customer experiences. With this new studio, the pioneering home décor brand reaffirms its commitment to redefining luxury furnishings and elevating the consumer journey in home décor.

The new Beautiful Homes Studio in Guwahati, Asian Paints' second studio in India, aims to serve as the gateway to the North-East India market and transform the decor landscape in this region. Spanning approximately 16,000 square feet across two floors, the studio offers a unique blend of luxury and functionality to the vibrant city. It promises to enhance the standard of home decor through its diverse offerings and innovative in-store experiences.

This distinguished studio provides discerning customers with an unparalleled experience in style and elegance, featuring over 2700 SKUs, including furniture, fabrics, rugs, bedding, wallpapers, blinds, fitted wardrobes, artifacts, and lighting. It boasts of a masterfully curated selection of a luxurious range of furniture, furnishings, lights and lifestyle accessories. The studio is also home to several world-renowned designers like Sabyasachi, Sarita Handa, Jaipur Rugs among others 

Set to become a premier destination for home decor enthusiasts, the store features a wide array of high-quality products designed to transform spaces into elegant and inviting homes. Each category is meticulously curated to cater to customers' diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring that every home can be beautiful. The furniture selection features contemporary and classic designs, while the fabrics and rugs come in various textures and patterns to suit any interior style. The bedding and wallpapers add a touch of elegance and comfort, and the blinds and wardrobes offer style and practicality. 

Beautiful Homes Studio goes beyond mere product display, offering a suite of unique in-store experiences designed to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. A personalised digital journey allows customers to explore the studio’s offerings through tablets, visualising products not on display and seeing how they will look in their own homes. This digital journey ensures a tailored and immersive shopping experience. Additionally, customers can scan QR codes on bedding packaging to view detailed videos of the bedding sets, eliminating the need to open packages for visualisation. This innovative feature keeps the shopping experience neat and efficient.

The studio also features a centralised tablet control system for lighting, enabling customers to easily operate and select the perfect lighting solutions for their homes. This seamless technology integration enhances the shopping experience by simplifying the selection process. Showcasing unique regional art, the Beautiful Homes Studio connects with local clientele, making the shopping experience more homely and personalised.

The new Beautiful Homes Studio, Atrio, located on NH37, Lokhra, Guwahati also places a strong emphasis on hospitality, ensuring that every customer feels welcomed and valued. With the new studio, Asian Paints is set to continue its legacy of transforming houses into beautiful homes, one stylish piece at a time.

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