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Dextrus & PadCare Join To Promote Sustainable Choices In The Workspace

BY Realty Plus

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Dextrus, the leading workspace solutions provider, recently collaborated with PadCare, a pioneering initiative in menstrual waste management, to host an insightful PadCare Awareness Session across all three of its centers in Bandra Kurla Complex and Peninsula Corporate Park (2 centers).

The primary focus of the session was to underline the significance of making environmentally conscious choices in the workplace. Dextrus, having recently installed PadCare bins in its washrooms, aimed to create awareness among its clientele through this impactful session.

The session brought attention to the proper disposal of sanitary pads in PadCare bins, showcasing how used pads can be recycled into useful items such as diaries and calendars in just 20 minutes. This innovative and eco-friendly approach serves to prevent sanitary pads from contributing to landfills, where they can persist for over 800 years.

The PadCare at Dextrus Awareness Session witnessed an impressive 95% participation rate across all Dextrus centers. The engaging presentation educated participants on the recycling process, emphasizing the role each individual can play in minimizing environmental impact through responsible waste disposal.

To provide a tangible experience, a pop-up display was featured in the cafe, exhibiting a variety of products recycled through PadCare. This hands-on approach allowed clients to witness firsthand the transformation of used sanitary pads into functional and sustainable items.

Robin Chhabra,Founder and CEO, Dextrus: "Our collaboration with PadCare reinforces our commitment to sustainability in the workspace. We believe that by making informed choices, such as using PadCare bins, we contribute not only to a cleaner environment but also to a more conscientious community."

Ajinkya Dhariya (Founder and CEOs of Padcare Labs ),"We are delighted to partner with Dextrus in spreading awareness about responsible menstrual waste management. This collaboration signifies a collective step towards building a greener and more sustainable future."


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