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EFKON-STRABAG, a leading provider of smart infrastructure solutions in India, has joined hands with prestigious institution including IIT Bombay and IIT Mandi to advance transportation systems, landslide management, and drive innovation in India. Additionally, the company has collaborated with IIT Roorkee to launch a comprehensive Road Safety Awareness program tailored for children.

Partnering with IIT Bombay, EFKON-STRABAG aims to strengthen knowledge management, joint projects, and engagement activities. This partnership encompasses various dimensions: they partner in knowledge creation, technology development, and human resource enhancement to drive innovation in transportation systems, facilitating the exchange of ideas and skills. Together, they will undertake joint studies and research on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), offering internship opportunities for students. They will also foster ecosystem development by providing access to technology courses, promoting collaboration between academia and industry, and contributing expertise to research consortia. Additionally, they will engage in research projects, skill-building programs, and workshops to foster creativity and innovation in the transportation sector, aiming to address industry challenges effectively.

The partnership with IIT Mandi focuses on implementing state-of-the-art technologies to improve safety and efficiency on hill roads. This includes initiatives like Landslide Management Solutions (LMS), which deploy advanced technologies to provide early warnings to vehicles and individuals during landslides, thereby reducing accidents and saving lives on highways. Additionally, a comprehensive course on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) aims to equip students with the skills needed to excel in the industry, fostering innovation and addressing evolving transportation needs. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) emphasizes commitments to knowledge creation, technology development, joint research on ITS-related issues, and collaborative engagement activities between academia and industry, such as research projects, skill-building programs, and workshops to enhance knowledge sharing and skill development.

In association with IIT Roorkee, EFKON-STRABAG has launched an extensive Road Safety Awareness program tailored for children. This initiative aims to educate and empower young minds, fostering responsible road behaviour and reducing accidents among the youth. The program includes road safety education and an impact assessment of Traffic Rules Awareness among students. Through interactive sessions, stage plays, and engaging activities, IIT Roorkee and its students will conduct road safety awareness programs at various schools across Roorkee and neighbouring states.

Expressing enthusiasm about these partnerships, Rajat Mishra, CEO of EFKON-STRABAG, said, "We are delighted to collaborate with esteemed institutions like IIT Bombay, IIT Mandi, and IIT Roorkee to drive innovation and advancement in transportation systems and road safety awareness in India. These partnerships underscore our commitment to fostering knowledge exchange, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and empowering the next generation of professionals. Together, we aim to make significant strides in enhancing safety, efficiency, and sustainability in our transportation infrastructure, ultimately benefiting communities nationwide.

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