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Godrej Security Solutions BIS Certified Lockers

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Godrej Security Solutions unveils its ambitious projection of INR 1,200 Cr revenue for the upcoming fiscal year. It announced that its lockers have the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification for its extensive array of security products.

Pushkar Gokhale, Executive Vice President and Business Head of Godrej Security Solutions, emphasized the paramount importance of BIS certification, stating, "BIS certification serves as the highest benchmark for product quality and reliability in the market and adhering to stringent standards is the prerequisite of this certification. At Godrej Security Solutions, our lockers are BIS certified thus ensuring that our products are of the highest quality standards. This certification also ensures that our customers receive nothing but the genuine quality they rightfully expect and deserve. We take pride ourselves on quality benchmarks and streamlined processes, collaborating with trusted suppliers for consistency. Beyond meeting existing standards, we advocate for new ones, pushing innovation and security. In the fragmented market, our BIS certification is a beacon of trust, guaranteeing products of the highest calibre. "

BIS-marked products by Godrej Security Solutions witness higher sales primarily within the BFSI community, with a significant share also in the jewellery sector. Approximately 90% of BIS-marked products are sold within the BFSI sector, underlining the stringent security and quality standards required for banking and financial operations. Jewellers, too, demonstrate a substantial reliance on BIS-certified products, accounting for around 35% of the market. This indicates a growing awareness and preference for certified goods in the jewellery industry, emphasizing the importance of trust and quality assurance.

Godrej Security Solutions distinguishes itself with a complete portfolio of BIS-certified products includes institutional offerings like banks, jewellery lockers and vaults. With a projected revenue of INR 1,200 Cr for the year, they continue to uphold the highest standards of quality and safety.

Bureau of Indian Standards serves as the benchmark for product quality and reliability in India, ensuring adherence to stringent quality norms. Its certification signifies trust and assurance for consumers, guiding them towards products of superior quality and security. This significant milestone underscores Godrej Security Solutions' commitment to setting new standards in the security industry and ensuring the utmost satisfaction and security of its customers.

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