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PropEquity Introduces The First Ever National Real Estate Channel

BY Realty Plus

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P E Analytics Limited, the parent company of PropEquity, listed on the NSE, proudly announces the launch of the First ever National real estate channel. This channel combines data science and authentic analytics where viewers can access valuable insights, real-time trends, and expert analysis. The content has been created using data of 150,000 projects of 50,000 developers in 44 cities tracked on a real-time basis. This curated content backed by data has never been seen on any media platform before. 

The channel named "Samir Jasuja-PropEquity” is set to revolutionize the Indian real estate landscape, providing insightful, data-driven content tailored specifically for the Indian real estate market. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of market trends, Samir Jasuja will share valuable data driven insights, analysis, and forecasts to guide viewers through their real estate journey of buying and selling. The channel will cover a wide range of topics, including market trends, investment strategies, property analysis, regulatory updates, and expert interviews. Through engaging and informative content, viewers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Indian real estate landscape, enabling them to make informed decisions with confidence.

Speaking on the occasion, Samir Jasuja, Founder and CEO, PropEquity, said, "I am thrilled to announce the launch of our YouTube channel-Samir Jasuja-PropEquity which is dedicated to empowering individuals with the information, knowledge and wisdom backed by data and analytics to navigate the complex world of real estate. In the past 450,000 consumers suffered the impact of stalled construction leading to non-delivery of homes worth 4 Lakh Crores. This channel is an effort to educate the consumer, mitigate their risks and help them make informed decisions"

P E Analytics is the parent company of PropEquity which is a real estate business intelligence, data and analytics platform covering the residential, commercial and retail asset classes. The company incorporated in 2008 works with over 200 clients including banks, financial institutions and developers. P E Analytics’ subsidiary PropEdge is India’s fastest growing valuations company with operations in 100 cities since its launch in 2021.  With this YouTube initiative, P E Analytics has now ventured into the Business to Consumer space and will offer advisory services based on historical data and real time research.

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