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Chakan in Pune is considered the auto hub of India and fondly called the ‘Detroit of India’, has now placed Pune on the global map. Chakan, located on the outskirts of Pune has grown into an industrial powerhouse creating job opportunities, which has given a thrust to the rapid growth of the housing sector here.

Indian auto giants like Tata Motors and Bajaj Auto have been in operations here since over five decades. It is only after the recent arrival of international automobile giants like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Piaggio, Skoda, General Motors, Volkswagen and Fiat; has Chakan cemented its position as an automobile hub in India and globally as well. In addition, Pune is the cradle and home to many other important sectors such as Engineering, IT & Logistics etc.

Chakan's transformation into an auto hub has not just made it a magnet for people seeking employment in the automobile sector, but it has also attracted and created an interest among real estate developers seeking to expand their footprint and benefit from this real estate boom.

The area’s strategic location, combined with its growing infrastructure, makes it a popular destination for both people and business. Chakan has enormous growth potential and our projects here aim to give world-class living and working environments to the residents and professionals who choose to be a part of Chakan's vibrant community.

Chakan's reputation as an automotive manufacturing centre is one of the primary reasons driving its growth. Several major vehicle manufacturers have established manufacturing facilities here, taking advantage of its strategic position and strong connectivity.

With Chakan’s growing prowess as an economic power house we can expect the real estate sector to further bring with it stronger infrastructure, better amenities with higher living standards for the residents of Chakan. Going forward, we can expect property prices to further rise with investors guaranteed to earn attractive and higher returns on their investments.

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