Foreign Investment In Polish Real Estate On The Rise

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The interest in purchasing new apartments in Poland has been on the rise among foreigners, particularly Ukrainians, Belarusians, and Germans, who are the most frequent buyers of real estate.Foreigners tend to prefer apartments in major centers due to the job market and educational opportunities. They typically select medium-sized apartments that have good transport links to city centres.

Experts point out that preferences in apartment selection significantly vary and are influenced by the region and the developer. The interest is evident, although it does not constitute a dominant share in the total number of real estate transactions, emphasizes Angelika Kli?, a board member of Atal. According to the company’s sales data, foreigners account for about 3–5% of all transactions.

Depending on their available funds, buyers most often choose two- and three-room apartments, while four-room apartments are less frequently selected. They also pay attention to the equipment and new technologies used in the apartments. Foreign buyers often look for higher-standard apartments, paying attention to modern solutions and locations that are well-connected with the city center, explains Tomasz Kaleta, the Sales Department Director at Develia. In the holding company he represents, transactions involving foreign buyers constitute 8%.

In Develia, as with other housing companies, the largest group of foreign clients is comprised of Ukrainians. Citizens of Ukraine purchased almost 380 thousand square meters of apartments in the Vistula area in 2023, according to Mariola ?ak, the Sales and Marketing Director at Aurec Home.

The second-largest group is made up of citizens of Belarus, who last year purchased about 111 thousand square meters. The third group consists of Germans, our neighbours from the western border, who bought properties with a total area of over 54 thousand square meters.The composition of nationalities can vary depending on the region. For instance, Krakow, a city where business services are developing dynamically, attracts a significant number of Indians. Apartments in Poland are also purchased by clients from the U.K. and Israel. There are buyers from Vietnam and the United States as well. Typically, these buyers are middle-aged individuals. Additionally, there are instances of mixed marriages where one partner is of Polish origin, as explained by Angelika Kli?.

Newcomers from the east typically purchase two- or three-room apartments of a smaller size. They value a quiet area with good transport links, but they also prioritize safety and practical design in communal areas. Conversely, German citizens tend to choose larger properties, exceeding 60 square meters, of a higher standard, either for personal use or as an investment.

Clients from Israel and the U.K. also adopt a business approach to buying real estate in Poland. These are often individuals seeking investment apartments or high-standard properties, frequently with the intention of renting them out, as explained by Marek Starzy?ski, the Sales Director at Okam.

Experts cited it is also observed interest from investors who appreciate the stability of the Polish real estate market. Market analysts highlight that a portion of the potential buyers are individuals who have previously purchased real estate in Poland. This suggests that foreign investors who have invested in Poland are returning to acquire more properties, as stated by Agnieszka Gajdzik-Wilgos, the Sales Manager at Ronson Development.

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