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Our brand is a solution for many new age couples

BY Realty Plus

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Realty+ in conversation with Smita Vijaykumar  & Yateesh Contractor- C0-founders of reNNovate. What is the idea behind the inception of Rennovate? With an influx of many furniture companies in India today, we are seeing a lot of organisation in the interiors industry. However, there still is a vacuum for a customer looking for reliable designing and styling. He is caught in the volumes market of the many online retailer with limited customization vs. the unpredictability of the regular interior designing/contracting format. It is this vacuum that reNNovate interiors addresses. Having successfully completed many homes in Mumbai, they bring brilliant styling with warranty, quality and project management. Branded as, home design specialists, they design and execute 2 bhk homes with 5yrs warranty in 45 days! The company was founded by Smita Vijaykumar, an architect by qualification from the prestigious School of planning and architecture- New Delhi and having 15+ yrs of experience in india and abroad. Having industry vantage from being design head for homelane at Mumbai, Smita Vijaykumar soon realized the market potential and problem areas quickly. With the association of Asian paints home décor , rennovate soon carved out its niche in the Mumbai region! Rennovate boasts of many successfully completed projects and referrals! With the help of co-founder & CFO and Yateesh Contractor, an IIM-A alum , the start up was able to bring together factories, reliable contractors, vendors , designers and customized softwares to smoothen out your home design and execution processes. Different from the multitude of modular companies, Chinese furniture resellers , the company designs customized pieces suited for your specific room sizes, colours, choices and tastes. With factories around Mumbai, all the furniture is tailor made just for you! reNNovate is a design company at its heart but providing a complete solution and taking away the pains of finding execution partners or customized solutions for the connoisseurs of home interiors The brand is a solution for many new age couples, many of whom are working, well-educated and travelled individuals who have bought their dream home and are looking out for a structured, organized, reliable and most importantly approachable and innovative design team.   Having worked abroad and India, are you of the opinion that architecture has taken a global approach? There is a global approach not just in new materials and technology but also in aesthetics and design trends. Having worked at Skidmore Owings and Merrill, Chicago on many projects in china and middle east, one realises that ultimately design is about addressing human aspiration and the want for better and more unique ideas. In that respect, there is a global approach towards design today as many people share those similar aspirations. Therefore, one sees an increasing trend of global aesthetics, modern ideas in design.   What are the various services provided by reNNovate? reNNovate envisions to be the most innovative, transparent, customer focused and high-end interior design platform. The brand has structured a simple and easy process for the client to sit back and hand over their home décor responsibilities. The brand has everything in place from project management of customized modular kitchens, wardrobes to furniture and decor with a 5-year warranty along with all the professional help and advice! Rennovate interiors is able to deliver a 2bhk in 45 days with factory finished furniture in marine ply with branded finishes and branded fittings at par with international standards, all customized to your specific home and requirements.   What are the future plans of reNNovate? Rennovate Interiors has big future plans to strengthen operations in Mumbai. reNNovate is keen on working towards giving the unorganized space of the High- End interior industry an organized structure. With online companies focussing on projects below 15 lakhs, there is an urgent requirement for interiors of 15- 50 lakh and that’s our main focus. To deliver to the high end customers, a professionally done interiors with design, warranty and project management. 5. What helps you'll stay ahead of competitors? Rennovate is more design focussed, as compared to product focus of the many competitors. We also address the end- to-end requirement that most people deeply desire in their busy lives. Rennovate provides more customisation with factory finishing in all its furniture products. We provide a plethora of curated products for that unique look that is the aspiration for many home interiors. With a more niche focus, we provide free 3d visualization for all rooms with as many design options as required to finalise the various inputs into a final product. This helps rennovate stay ahead of that many online furniture companies and many architects and interior designers practising in the traditional model with just design input and carpentry support   What would you say is the success mantra of reNNovate? Staying focussed on homes and remaining customer centric is the success mantra on rennovate. 7. What can India learn from international architecture and vice Versa? India can learn a lot from international design practices in 2 ways, one in terms of materials &application and second in terms of quality standardization. With well finished products and reduced dependency on labour, one can achieve better finishing and timeliness. Quality standardisation in manufacturing will help to transition from the traditional ways of construction where everything is assembled in front of the customer to establish trust of material usage. With standardization, there will be an increased movement towards factory finished products and an overall improvement in finishing.

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