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Senior Homes Emerging Paradigms

BY Realty Plus

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As the global elderly population surges, India is poised to experience a significant demographic shift. By 2050, it is projected that India will constitute 17% of the world’s senior population, amounting to approximately 320 million individuals aged 60 and above. This impending demographic transition underscores the necessity for proactive measures to cater to the evolving needs of India’s aging populace. The country must explore novel solutions and establish a new paradigm that addresses the requirements of senior citizens. Central to this effort is the adoption of resident-centered care in senior living, a model that not only enhances the quality of care but also improves the overall quality of life for the elderly.

Understanding Resident-Centered Care

Resident-centered care is a holistic approach designed to empower seniors, giving them control over their daily lives and enabling them to make their own decisions and set their own routines. This model involves all levels of staff in the care process, as well as the residents’ families and friends, ensuring a comprehensive support system. The primary objective is to create a familiar, comfortable, and private environment for residents, focusing on their abilities rather than limitations.

As per geriatric care specialists, “Empowering seniors through resident-centered care not only promotes physical well-being but also significantly enhances their mental and emotional health. It’s about respecting their individuality and life choices.”

Designing for Dignity and Comfort

A residential project centered on resident-focused care ensures vibrant and healthy living spaces while addressing the specific care needs, involvement, autonomy, and respect of the elderly. This approach to planning, delivering, and evaluating care relies on a mutually beneficial partnership between caregivers and residents, recognizing each individual as unique with their own life experiences and preferences.

To illustrate, Manasum Homes, is an example of a senior living community that embodies these principles. The complex offers thoughtfully designed apartments with features like non-slip flooring, emergency response systems, and wide doorways to accommodate wheelchairs, ensuring both safety and independence for its residents.

Incorporating Safety and Accessibility
Elderly-focused residential complexes and homes ensure the health and well-being of their residents by incorporating a range of thoughtful measures in their design and development. These facilities prioritize accessibility and safety through features such as ramp access for mobility, wide doors for wheelchair entry, and bathroom doors that open outward for easy access. Grab rails in bathrooms provide balance and ease of movement, while matte finish vitrified tiles reduce glare and prevent slips, and anti-skid tiles in specific areas enhance safety. Panic buttons are installed for immediate assistance, and every block includes at least one stretcher lift for emergencies.



Security and Well-Being

CCTV surveillance at all floors, common areas, club house and lifts ensures security of the residents. Beyond infrastructure, these complexes offer a comprehensive array of services and amenities tailored to the residents’ needs. Nutritional needs are met with dedicated food and dining facilities, while expansive clubs, swimming pools, and libraries support recreational and mental engagement. Health care is prioritized with 24x7 ambulance and paramedical facilities, resident paramedical staff available around the clock, and doctors on call. Financial and practical support is provided through insurance advice, tax planning, and property management services. Safety and companionship are ensured with 24x7 security and daily visits for special and single residents. Maintenance needs are addressed with home cleaning, housekeeping, electrical, and plumbing services. Community and enjoyment are fostered through weekly movie screenings and festival celebrations, creating a vibrant, supportive environment for seniors.

To ensure well-being recreational activities that include indoor games such as snooker, carom and board games including a dedicated card room has been provided for. Besides, residents also have the option to indulge in activities like yoga, meditation and hobby classes among others to keep the grey cells alive and kicking.

Innovations and Global Practices

Globally, countries like Japan and Sweden are leading in senior care innovations. Japan’s use of robotics for companionship and daily assistance in senior homes provides a glimpse into the future. Sweden’s emphasis on community living and integrated health services offers valuable insights for India. As India prepares to navigate the challenges of an aging population, the adoption of resident-centered care in senior living becomes imperative. This approach not only addresses the healthcare needs of the elderly but also enhances their overall quality of life by fostering autonomy, involvement, and respect. By prioritizing resident-centered care, India can ensure a dignified, comfortable, and fulfilling life for its senior citizens, setting a benchmark for elder care globally.

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