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FROM NEW CUTTING-EDGE  ENGINEERING MATERIALS TO SMART HOME BUILDING PRODUCTS  AND INNOVATIVE GREEN SYSTEMS,  THE PRODUCTS FEATURED IN THIS EDITION ARE PARADIGMATIC  BUILDING BLOCKS FOR 2021.   By: Sapna Srivastava  The beginning of a New Year is an opportunity to assess past developments in building and construction and realigning product development to cater to the new and changing demands of  the industry. For many manufacturers this serve as a reminder of continuing down the innovation path seeking  development of innovative processes and applications with  ecologically beneficial goals.   Realty+ looks at some of the best products that will find a new fan following in the year 2021. The goal is to identify the defining products that are setting new benchmarks in their respective fields. Indeed the list can go  on and on. These products are just the indicators of how  novel building products and construction materials are set  to transform the construction business.  INNOVATION AND AEC INDUSTRY  The concept of an ‘innovation’ differs among various stakeholders but broadly it can be considered an improvement in a process, product, or system that is novel to the industry or user. It can be ‘incremental’ (small, and based on existing experience and knowledge),  ‘radical’ (a breakthrough in science or technology)  The future belongs to standardized products and  branded offerings. Standard but customizable designs that can improve from one product generation to the next will be favoured by the AEC professionals and end users alike. There is an evident increase in R&D spending to ‘modular’ (a change in concept within a component only),  ‘architectural’ (a change in links to other components or  systems), or ‘system’ (multiple, integrated innovations).   Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC)  professionals have enormous capacity to exert influence  on manufacturers in a way that fosters innovation. They  can identify specific novel requirements to be supplied by  developers, building product suppliers, contractors, and  operators.  Year 2020 has further enhanced the need for improved  buildings’ lifecycle performance, construction flexibility  to cope with unforeseen changes and higher standards of  building materials. The current scenario has accelerated  the innovations that were already underway and have  brought to limelight those novel products which till now  were being used far and few in-between.  Conversely, the advanced building and construction  materials have enhanced the technical competence of  the AEC professionals and the quality of projects. The  end users in fact are the biggest winners as they now  can expect high standard products, ease of use and  maintenance and flexibility in construction process without  compromising on their choices.  COVID IMPACT & INDUSTRY RECALIBRATION  Over the past 3-4 years, building material sector had  been struggling due to issues like demonetisation, GST  and slowdown in real estate sector. The challenges have  compounded with COVID-19. Categories like wood, ceramic  tiles and sanitaryware etc., largely classified as discretionary  items saw deferment of demand due to decline while,  non-discretionary categories to an extent such as plumbing  pipes, adhesives etc., were less impacted.  If the industry trend nationally and globally are any  indication, the ramifications of the pandemic will only serve  to accelerate the new products that will strengthen the overall  building products market and boost consumer demand.  develop new standardized building systems to speed  up and automate elements of design and construction  for faster completion of projects, as is the need of the  hour. Designers and engineers are relying on industry  collaboration to build scalable products and online  channels and apps for consumers to procure products &  materials.  RESET AND REIMAGINE FOR THE NEW  NORMAL  Agility is the name of the game. Companies are  adjusting to the changing environment, reinventing their  product offerings and creating partnerships and value  additions within the industry. The fundamental changes in  the construction sector like scarcity of skilled labour, cost  pressures, stricter regulations and sustainability and health  safety are driving new material developments. Client  demands are also evolving regarding performance, energy  and operational efficiency, flexibility and adaptability.   Over the years, the engineering, construction and  building materials (ECB) companies have demonstrated its  capabilities in innovating even the traditional construction  materials like cement, concrete, bricks and steel for more eco-friendly alternatives. Rising to the new challenges,  newer high performance materials and products are being  introduced in the market that offer cost as well as resource  efficiencies. ADD A DASH OF ELEGANCE TO YOUR HOUSE  Fenesta Internal Doors are made of a special hybrid polymer. They are  composite materials made of wood fibre and thermoplasts replacing  traditional material, hence making them environment friendly. Hybrid  Polymer is very sturdy and makes the doors resistant to termite,  water, moisture absorption, fire and wear & tear of weather. They are  available in Plain & Designer Finishes and in 4 colours (White Oak,  Natural Oak, Teak & Walnut) 

  • State-of-the-art doors combine the aesthetics of wood and durability of polymer. • Waterproof, Decay proof, No expansion or contraction, No cracking  or fading, doesn’t need any coat of paint ever! 
  • Available as ready-to-install integrated door solution system.
Fenesta Designer door  can be used at entrance,  rooms, bathrooms,  kitchen or anywhere  else. The core is filled  with a metal sheet and  foam to enhance sound  & thermal insulation and  weather-endurance. They  are available in 5 colours  - White Dumas, White  Renard, Light Oak, Walnut  & Mahogany.     EMPHASIZING  INNOVATION  AND ECO FRIENDLINESS In these unprecedented times when hygiene and physical distancing are vitally important, KONE’s  health and wellbeing   solutions will help regain our confidence in everyday environments and the buildings we move through.  Nippon Paint Atom Fibra is a unique paint reinforced with microfibers and gives enhanced mechanical strength to  the paint film thereby increasing the durability. If we take 1ltr of  Atom Fibra we can find that there  are more than 1cr microfibres and  when applied they are uniformly spread across the walls and give a unique optical brightening  property thereby increasing the whiteness of walls.  Atom Fibra reinstates  the power of 5ber, i.e. five benefits in one paint. This product was created for a  segment of consumers who belonged to the prenomy category, i.e. having premium features at an economical price.  This features like Interior Exterior  Paint (2 in 1 paint), crack bridging,  easy washability, water resistance, and excellent coverage. It also  possesses the anti-carbonation  property and comes with a 4-year product is in house manufactured  in the Sriperumbudur factory of  Nippon Paint India Pvt Ltd.    IMPROVING THE  FLOW OF URBAN  LIFE  KONE 24/7 Connected Services: As we  all learn to live by the new norms of our  cities, neighbourhoods and buildings, it’s  likely we’ll continue to insist on smooth  people flow once we do get going again. The  transparency and preventive maintenance  offered by the cloud based KONE 24/7  Connected Services helps in constant monitoring and less risk of accidents, like  tripping over thanks to more accurate   levelling monitoring, detecting and prevent  issues undetectable with plain eyes and ears.  Additionally, with round-the-clock  monitoring, you can think of it as a digital  technician always on the site monitoring  your elevators, safety and user experience  of the residents. Less risk of accidents like  tripping over. When an equipment stops, an  urgent service call is made automatically.  Probability of entrapments overall will decrease as the elevator is monitored 24/7  and preventive actions can be done before  anything major occurs.  EXTRAORDINARY COMBINATION OF STYLE, QUALITY & SAFETY The Lingel Security Windows are one of its kind window solutions that ensure a perfect glazing and hardware. Other products failed   miserably as test on glass and hardware were done separately. No combined tests were done on both the hardware and glazing. Lingel provides for glazing two options - LPG  14 Lingel Panzer Glazing 14mm, a multilayer  security glass and LPG 18 Lingel Panzer Glazing  18 mm, a superior performance glass. The second  option is Lingel Safety box 2 (LBS 2). It is Lingel’s  highest point of locking security -RC2 and RC3 as per ENI627-30.  SOLUTION FOR  AN INTELLIGENT LIFESTYLE  GM iFi-Pro automation technology extends smart home solutions for an intelligent lifestyle. By merely using your home Wi-Fi  & internet you can control your home electrical  devices like television, air conditioners, lights, curtains, door-locks, etc.  It Works with existing home Wi-Fi network and mobile Internet and controls home’s lights, fan, drapes, air conditioner from anywhere with the GM App on smartphone. 
  • Set a timed schedule for lights for different rooms 
  • Replaces existing wall switches 
  • Subtle backlit iFi-Pro series is easy to find in the dark 
With GM iFi-Pro switches you can control  lights, fans, and blinds and turn other  electronics on and off and monitor  their status with an internet connection  through the GM App from wherever you  are in the world.  Available in 2-Modules size that can fit into a  wall-Plate are - 2 circuit On/Off Lighting, 1 channel  Light Dimming, 1 channel 5-step Fan Regulator;  1 channel 20Amp On/off; 1 channel Curtain Open/ Close; 1 Scenario Zero-load Control; 1 Door-Lock  / Unlock Control; iR Emitter for unlimited Remote  control functions. This is a joint development  between the glass and hardware  industry. Lingel has innovated  keeping in mind the consumer  demand, providing trendsetting  implementation of standards from  Europe standard. (EN627-30).   This innovation will be open for  the entire fenestration industry to  develop similar products.  Solution for Lingel old customers 
  • Lingel Safe Box Hardware to upgrade your existing  Lingel Windows. Recommended for RC2 and RC3 as  per EN1627-30.
  • LPG-X- To upgrade your existing Lingel security  glazing to LPG performance.
  INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS TO MEET CUSTOMER NEEDS  JK Super Cement is available as Portland Pozzalana Cement (PPC) and Portland Slay Cement (PSC) & Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). It is an all purpose value for money offering. The products are much in demand by both the Individual Home Builder and institutional users.   JK Super Strong has been manufactured with breakthrough technology in cement production that improves performance of the concrete. It also ensures systematic and advanced distribution of micro particles for denser and impervious concrete. It has a balanced particle size distribution ensuring high early and superior lateral strength.  JK Super Strong Weather Shield exhibits resistance to penetration of water in mortar, plaster & concrete which results in dry walls and healthy indoor climate.  This cement is all purpose cement, can be used for all types of applications from foundation to roof.   JK Cement Ltd is steadily diversifying its range of products, ushering in advanced  technology and quality assurance. Its brands continue to enjoy the consumer trust for the high quality and innovation benchmarks.    

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