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Panasonic Life Solutions Introduces IOT Enabled Retrofit Controller Range

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Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND), introduced Smart Retrofit Controller that converts a normal mechanical switchboard into a WiFi smart switch. The latest affordable introduction in the home automation category, the Smart Retrofit Controller enables you to automate the current electrical devices in your home with ease and convenience. The Smart Retrofit Controller occupies very limited space and fits easily into any switch plates making the existing electrical fittings smart, without modifying the wiring at all.

Available in eight different variants, the Smart Retrofit Controller is compatible with Alexa, Google Home and allows to control the home appliances through a smart phone, table or a voice command, assuring convenience, comfort, and peace of mind to the user.

Some of its features and specifications are it has 100% Retrofit solution just integrate with existing wiring. Smart home solution as low as 3,800/- INR (For 6 loads).  It can be connected with the existing WiFi router with no additional gateway needed.  The Retrofit Controller is available in the 8 different variants: It is available on Amazon and comes with free installation by the authorized service executive in almost all cities.

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